National Breast Cancer Coalition

is advocate:

Annette Bar-Cohen, Executive Director, The Center for NBCC Advocacy Training

Annette has worked in public health and specifically in women's health for the past 25 years. After joining NBCC in September 2002, she became responsible for the operations of all Programs Department activities. These include education and training activities -- such as Project LEAD®, the Annual Advocacy Training Conference and the International, Quality Care and Research Initiatives. Prior to her move to Washington, D.C., Ms. Bar-Cohen was the Education Director of the Cancer Control Section of the Minnesota Department of Health for 11 years. There, she helped develop and manage the CDC-sponsored Minnesota Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program, a statewide free screening program for uninsured/underinsured women. She worked for many years on a World Health Organization-sponsored primary care and community health program in Israel that focused on women's health, coalition building, outreach to diverse ethnic communities and media development. She has a Master of Arts degree in psychology from Goddard College and a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Minnesota.