National Breast Cancer Coalition

Artemis Project® for a Preventive Breast Cancer Vaccine

NBCC's Artemis Projects® are a series of collaborations among patient advocates and researchers from diverse perspectives. The purpose of the collaborations is to develop strategies, research plans and timelines for answering key scientific questions within the areas of primary prevention and prevention of metastasis.

Through the Artemis Project® for a Preventive Breast Cancer Vaccine, NBCC has created an innovative, advocate-led, mission-driven model, which ensures appropriate focus on the end result—a breast cancer vaccine. This model is being replicated to advance other identified priorities within the two key areas, primary prevention and the prevention of metastasis.

The Artemis Project® for a Preventive Breast Cancer Vaccine was chosen as the first focus area because the potential impact toward an to end the disease is great and because recent scientific progress has created an opportunity. Increased knowledge about immunology, genomics, the molecular basis of tumor genesis and vaccine technology, including design, synthesis, and delivery, have together created an unprecedented opportunity for development of a preventive vaccine for breast cancer. A broad, systematic, collaborative approach is needed to ensure the safest, most efficacious vaccine is pursued in a timely manner.

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