National Breast Cancer Coalition

Welcome to the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s Breast Cancer Caucus

Breast cancer is a political issue; and NBCC is proud to have pushed this issue to the forefront of the national political agenda. In each presidential election campaign since NBCC’s inception in 1991, our members have educated the candidates and the public about the importance of a political approach to breast cancer. NBCC looks beyond general statements of support from candidates and public officials. NBCC holds policymakers accountable for how they vote and govern with regard to our substantive legislative and public policy priorities. We are the political activists on breast cancer issues.

Through the Breast Cancer Caucus campaign, NBCC compiles information on candidates’ positions on NBCC’s Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® and our legislative and public policy priorities. This information is posted on our website and shared with our members and the general public. We also develop a breast cancer public policy platform and engage women and their families across the country in the presidential candidate debates, town hall meetings, and the election.

 The National Breast Cancer Coalition is an IRS 501(c)(4) organization that lobbies Congress and other decision makers for public policies that impact breast cancer research, diagnosis and treatment.