National Breast Cancer Coalition

Truth #26


The media do not always get it right when reporting on breast cancer.

The media often gravitate toward stories that are extremely hopeful, or extremely fearful. However, the truth often falls within the middle ground, and in the small details. Breast cancer is a complex issue that can't be summarized into sound bites. As a result, the media sometimes get the story right, but often do not.

In addition, news stories in smaller, local media in particular, are frequently driven by press releases from industry, academic institutions and even government. These press releases do not include many of the facts and may be driven by the desire to attract publicity rather than report objective results. Some in the media may rely solely on the information in the press release and may not critically analyze the information released or seek out more data. Nor do the media always seek the patient perspective on an issue. NBCC goes beyond the headlines to analyze recent studies and findings reported in the media from an advocate perspective, and to share those analyses with the public.