National Breast Cancer Coalition

Truth #30


Breast cancer advocates can—
and will—lead an effort to end
breast cancer by 2020.

NBCC advocates are leading a new approach—a new strategy—to change the conversation and to get answers to the key questions in breast cancer that must be answered to ultimately end the disease by January 1, 2020.

To focus and aggregate scientific efforts on meeting Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®, NBCC held two strategic Summits—one on the topic of the causes and prevention of metastasis and one on the topic of prevention—bringing together representatives from academia, industry, government, regulators and advocates. NBCC also developed an innovative, advocate-led model to catalyze research in an area that has promise for contributing to the end of breast cancer, which will be adapted to further the key issues identified at the Summits. The model is currently being piloted as the Artemis Project®. NBCC's Artemis Project® brings together a collaborative group of advocates and scientists to take a strategic, systematic approach to the development of a breast cancer preventive vaccine within five years.

No matter what your role—advocate, educated patient, supporter of a loved one, or informed consumer of news and research—you can use your knowledge and your voice in the mission to end breast cancer.