National Breast Cancer Coalition

Myth #22: If I am not a scientist, then I won't be able to understand breast cancer research

FALSE. Advocates can become educated and able to understand and influence breast cancer research. Their perspective is key to finding answers.

There was a time when patients and advocates were not included in the analysis of scientific research, clinical trials design and treatment options. That's right—those personally and directly affected by decisions did not have a voice. Since its inception in 1991, NBCC has worked tirelessly to ensure that patient advocates are not only included in the process, but knowledgeable, contributing participants.

Project LEAD® is NBCC's innovative science training program that provides a foundation of scientific knowledge upon which participants can strengthen and empower themselves as activists. Graduates of NBCC's Project LEAD® workshop and other courses are equipped to better explain basic breast cancer science and research information to their colleagues, clients, friends and family. As critical thinkers of the breast cancer science that appears in the news every day, these advocates serve as a resource to their organizations, clients, community and constituency that they represent.
Learn how you can become an informed advocate at the Center for NBCC Advocacy Training.