National Breast Cancer Coalition

Myth #27: Breast cancer survivors are too close to the issue to participate in how research money is spent

FALSE. Breast cancer survivors who have been trained and educated have both the first-hand patient knowledge, as well as the ability to advocate on behalf of others, that is an important check and balance in determining research funding.

Why exclude those that have intimate knowledge of the very important quality of life issues and treatment options of the disease? Consumers who have been trained to understand the research process add a crucial element to all panels where breast cancer decisions are made—a reality check. 

The Center for NBCC Advocacy Training educates breast cancer advocates so that they can effectively sit at decision making tables. These trained consumers understand that it’s not about any one person’s breast cancer, but about changing the systems that affect all of us.
Make sure educated and trained patients and advocates always have a voice in determining that the right kind of research gets the appropriate amount of funding. Learn how to be an effective advocate today