National Breast Cancer Coalition

Truth #21: You should question your doctor

TRUE. Informed decision making is an important part of quality care. Patients should feel comfortable questioning and challenging and participating in their care decisions.

Some patients are still more comfortable letting the doctor be the sole decision-maker in their treatment plan, and do not choose to have greater involvement in their treatment choices. However, many patients do want a role in deciding their treatment plan and personally weighing the potential risks and benefits of each treatment option against their preferences and values. Patients should have access to readily available, unbiased, evidence-based and understandable information and facts about their condition.

NBCC’s website is an online resource that equips individuals with more information for the decision-making process. Learn more about treatment rationales, levels of scientific and clinical evidence, the magnitude of demonstrated benefits and harms, descriptions of known side effects, and important unresolved issues and controversies related to various interventions at Breast Cancer Information. If you want to understand evidence at a deeper level, consider taking Project LEAD® or other courses offered by the Center for NBCC Advocacy Training.