National Breast Cancer Coalition

Truth #28: Less than 3% of adult cancer patients participate in clinical trials

TRUE. While clinical trials are among the most important type of study to determine how best to prevent and treat breast cancer, under 3% of adult cancer patients take part.

Because we do not know how to prevent, cure, or best treat breast cancer, we need clinical trials to help find the answers. The Clinical Trials Initiative, launched in 1996, addresses all three of NBCC’s goals—research, access and influence. Through this Initiative, NBCC pushes for more clinical trials and quality of their design; ease of access to quality clinical trials and thus treatment and care; and advocate involvement in all phases of design, implementation and oversight. NBCC aims to clear the confusion and mystery around clinical trials to encourage more participants to take part in and, in turn, contribute to the mission to end breast cancer. 

Learn more about NBCC’s criteria to evaluate quality clinical trials and the breast cancer science courses available through the Center for NBCC Advocacy Training that will teach how to best understand research and advocacy.