National Breast Cancer Coalition

Truth #31: I can make a difference

TRUE. No matter what your role—advocate, educated patient, supporter of a loved one, or informed consumer of news and research—you can use your knowledge and your voice in the mission to end breast cancer.

NBCC envisions a world where our organization doesn't exist. That's right. Our goal is to close our doors forever. Not a business plan you hear too often. NBCC works everyday to create a world where no one, directly or indirectly, has to worry about a diagnosis, undergo treatment, or lose a special person to breast cancer. We've made important strides, but we haven't yet figured out how to prevent or cure the disease and we're a long way from eradicating it.  

Now we have to do—and demand—more. We can do it, we can eradicate breast cancer. Join our mission to end this disease.