National Breast Cancer Coalition

Truth #4: When breast cancer shows up on a mammogram, it may have been in your body for 6-10 years

TRUE. What is early detection? We probably think of it as early enough to intervene and save a life. But there are different kinds of breast cancer. For some of them, if they are surgically removed, the breast cancer has been effectively "cured." For others, it can be found really early, yet no known intervention will "cure" it. Complicated? Yes. But the truth about breast cancer is just that.

NBCC embraces a philosophy of evidence-based health care, and has long raised questions about the value of mammography screening and other tests. This is important because patients need to be assured about the value of all medical interventions, and public health resources need to be used with certainty about value to the public's health.

NBCC believes that in order to make true progress in breast cancer we need to better understand what causes this disease, what puts individual women at risk beyond the known risk factors, how different types of breast cancer behave, and which treatments are appropriate and effective for each type of breast cancer to ensure that women receive quality care.

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