National Breast Cancer Coalition

October 2013

Despite years of campaigns to raise awareness, ever expanding screening programs, increased fundraising efforts and research, we are far from preventing breast cancer or preventing deaths from it.

It is time to end our addiction to comfortable. To easy. To "good enough." We can't afford any more years of the status quo.It's time we take action!

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  • I want to know how to #EndBreastCancer by January 1, 2020. That's why I support #BCD2020. Are You With Us?
  • A Deadline Changes Everything. It's not just talk. It's action. It's #BCD2020. Are You With Us?
  • #BCD2020 challenges everyone to look at #BreastCancer in new ways so we will know how to end the disease by 2020.
  • Through #BCD2020, science becomes a means to an end--an end to #breastcancer.
  • I made a donation to #BCD2020 because I want to know how to end #breastcancer in my lifetime.