National Breast Cancer Coalition

Urge your Senators to Sign the DOD BCRP Letter - Deadline April 1st

Urge Your Senators to Sign the

 Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program Letter Today!

Contact your Senators and ask them to sign the FY2020 DOD Breast Cancer Research Program letter today! We currently have 9 Senators who have signed the letter for FY2020. (Last year we had 26 Senators). The deadline for signing on to the letter is April 1st. Your Senators need to hear from you!

Your message to your Senators is:

I urge you to show your support for ending breast cancer by signing the letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Shelby and Ranking Member Durbin calling for $150 million for the DOD peer-reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program for FY2020.

If your Senator(s) agrees to sign the letter, her/his staff should email Jasmin Palomares ( in Senator Gillibrand's office to make it happen. 

Also email us at NBCC and let us know that your Senator(s) has agreed to sign the letter or if you have any questions.

Thank you for taking action today!