National Breast Cancer Coalition


Breast Cancer Research

Features presentations of innovative ideas just taking form, study results from years of research, and work on the Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® focus areas of prevention and understanding the causes and prevention of metastasis.
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  Breast Cancer Science
Includes talks on what we know and what we are learning about how cancer works, how the different subtypes differ and what that implies for prevention and treatments.

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  Changing the System
Presents an array of talks that challenge the status quo and spotlight the barriers to change; others question the research enterprise and suggest ways of changing it; while others illuminate how even the media plays a part in perpetuating myths and stopping progress.

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Influencing Public Policy
Brings us fascinating speakers from the political and public policy worlds that impact breast cancer in more subtle ways. They give us insight into how advocates can exert their own influence and perspective to get the job done.

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