National Breast Cancer Coalition

Influencing Public Policy

As an advocate, ever wonder how you can exert your own influence and perspective to achieve our mission to end breast cancer by January 1, 2020? These conversations by influential speakers provide fascinating insights into the political and public policy world that impact breast cancer in significant ways.

Making the End to Breast Cancer a National Priority

Susan Dentzer
, Editor-in-Chief, Health Affairs (Moderator);
Mark Halperin
, Editor-At-Large, Senior Political Analyst, TIME Magazine; Governor Mike Castle, Delaware (retired); Judy Feder, Institute Fellow, Urban Institute; Professor of Public Policy, Georgetown University;
Ruth Marcus
, Columnist, The Washington Post; Carol Matyka, Breast Cancer Survivor, NBCC Volunteer Field Coordinator & Advocate

01:23:18 | May 7, 2012
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Overcoming Barriers to Change:
Problems in the System

Musa Mayer, MFA, MA,

00:06:44 | May 7, 2012
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