National Breast Cancer Coalition

Advanced Topics and Continuing Education

Continuing Education for LEAD Graduates

LEAD® graduates are expected to continue their scientific education and research involvement after the formal Project LEAD® trainings are completed. NBCC offers a variety of opportunities LEAD® graduates may take advantage of to continue their advocate education.

LEADgrads Online

LEADgrads Online is the National Breast Cancer Coalition's online community for Project LEAD® graduates. Advocates analyze and discuss the latest in breast cancer research, science and controversies in a web-based format. Graduates can connect with other advocates from around the world to advance breast cancer advocacy. LEADgrads Online also hosts a wide variety of resources to advance continuing education for Project LEAD® graduates. Visit LEADGrads Online today.


Online webinars presented by Project LEAD® faculty and other notable experts on current topics in breast cancer research. LEADcasts take place several times a year and are open to all advocates who have gradutated from a Project LEAD® course. LEADcasts also are archived for viewing on LEADgrads online.

LEAD® Critical Appraisals

Critical appraisal sessions of breast cancer scientific literature several times a year through online LEADcasts led by LEAD® faculty and other scientists. All sessions are archived for viewing on LEADGrads Online.

Advanced Topic Sessions at Scientific Conferences 

NBCC offers a variety of continuing education workshops and advanced topics sessions for LEAD® grads at national and regional scientific meetings, such as the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium and the Era of Hope.

Please check the Events page on LEADGrads Online for the next continuing education opportunity!